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Burlap ( Jute ) products are Re-usable Image

Over 500 billion plastic bags are discarded every year, polluting soil and water, killing marine mammals, birds, and turtles .


Burlap ( Jute ) products are Bio-degradable Image

Jute products are hundred percent(100%) biodegradable and recyclable. Jute products can also be disposed of without causing any environmental hazards.

Social Responsibility

Burlap ( Jute ) is the alternative of plastice Image

Go green. Jute prospects brighten, as people become more environmental conscious and eco-savvy .

Welcome to Golden Fiber


Bangladeshi Jute has earned the title " The Golden Fiber of Bangladesh " . Jute is plant base organic fiber, which is 100% natural and biodegradable. Burlap ( Jute ) is often considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly green products. Burlap ( Jute ) products has so many practical uses on daily life, thus reducing the impact on other, less sustainable natural resources. Burlap ( Jute ) products are creating awareness on eco-friendly and green movement around the world. Jute ( Burlap ) products will lead to a low carbon footprint and more sustainable earth. Jute fiber is totally natural biodegradable fiber which is obtained from the jute plant and it is therefore an extremely attractive renewable resource for those who are at the forefront of the environmental movement and those who give top priority to environmental and ecological concerns. Reusable jute bags triumph over single use paper and plastic bags.


Go Green

Los Angeles ban single use plastic bags

Los Angeles become the largest city in the U.S to enact a ban and joins 47 other cities in California alone. This is the tipping point for banning plastic bags around the world.

U.S News

Europian Union also planning to ban plastic bags

Europian union is also planing to impose ban on plastic bags in near future.