Wellcome to Golden Fiber

Biodegradability: Jute products are hundred percent(100%) biodegradable and recyclable. Jute products can also be disposed of without causing any environmental hazards or impacts. It may be easy to say that plastic bags are the most environmentally harmful choice but in fact the production costs of paper and jute are significantly higher and gives plastic a slight edge in this stage. However, plastic bags are difficult to dispose of and generally are the most harmful once they have been used. Plastice bags it took almost thousand years to decomposed in the landfill and the decomposition process of plastice also causes harmfull toxic as a bi-products (litchets). The fact that paper degrades quite slowly in a landfill situation counts against it. The result is that reusable jute bags triumph over single use paper and plastic bags. While the embodied energy of jute bags is higher, the fact that many people will use a single jute bag over several years results in it being the most ecofriendly green products in the world. Also in jute’s favour is the fact that it is hundred percent recyclable which results in the lowest environmental impact.